Roof Safety Tips

March 5, 2018

Whether your clearing out your gutters or replacing a loose shingle, it’s always important to take safety measures when working on your roof. Even the simplest task can result in a dangerous situation if you aren’t properly prepared. Here are five roof safety tips we recommend:

1. Keep It Clean

Before you begin your roofing task, it’s always best to clean first. Start by sweeping off any dirt and debris from your roof, removing any hazardous materials that could pose potential problems while you work. For example, a nail you could step on or a tree branch you could trip on. A clean work site will help keep you safe. 

2. Wear the Right Shoes

We know you’re probably already aware of this one, but we’re going to discuss it anyway because it is SO important when staying safe while roofing. Make sure you wear shoes or boots that FIT and have rubber soles with some good tread on them. This will help you keep from slipping and falling from your roof. Any other type of shoe is a no-go, and can prove to be incredible dangerous.

3. Wear A Harness

A safety harness may not always be necessary for each situation, but we recommend wearing one regardless. A harness will help keep you safe and secure in case you slip, lose your footing, or become unbalanced when on your roof. When you’re wearing a safety harness, make sure it is securely fastened to a tie off. 

4. Use Gutter Guards

When you climb a ladder to get to your roof, it’s important to keep that ladder secure. One good way to do this is by using gutter guards. To set up gutter guards, fasten a piece of scrap wood to your roof deck. Put a notch in the wood, then lean your ladder legs against the notch and tie them in place. Not only will guards steady your ladder, they’ll help protect your roof’s gutters as well. 

5. Avoid Wet Roofs

If any type of precipitation has collected on your roof, postpone any roofing projects you may have. Whether it’s rain, snow, ice, or dew, a wet roof means dangerous conditions for anyone on it. If you have a roofing emergency and your roof is not dry, consider calling a professional to help take care of it for you. You should always avoid working on roofs that are in poor condition.

By following these tips, you can take charge in fixing and maintaining the roof of your home. Just keep in mind that it’s always safety first, and that our team at Jerry Wilson’s Roofing are one call away and ready to assist you. 

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